Keep Warm & Save Money!

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As the winter months are drawing in and energy bills keep rising, we thought we would offer some quick and easy tips on how to stay warm and save some money. You don’t have to spend lots of money to stay warm, just a few small changes can make a world of difference.


Blankets are a cheap alternative to putting the heating on, use a material such as wool or fleece and wrap yourself up, lift your feet up off the cold floor and snuggle up.


Lighting candles can help to keep you warm. Candles can really lift your mood and have a positive impact on how you feel, but please remember to never leave a candle burning if you go out or leave the room.

Hot water bottles

Placing a hot water bottle in your bed ½ hour before getting in, will take off the initial chill, so it is nice and cosy to keep you warm as you drift off to sleep… Zzzz


Instead of wearing one thick jumper, add thinner layers (ideally made from wool) as this will retain more body heat to keep you warmer. You can remove a layer when needed if you get too warm without then becoming too cold.


Move sofas and large furniture items away from radiators, this way the heat can circulate and radiate to warm the room more effectively and help to reduce your heating costs.

Keeping the draft out.

Close curtains and use draft excluders at the doors, you don’t have to buy expensive draught excluders, you can get your ’Blue Peter on’ and make these from old socks! If you have children, this can be a real fun project.

For more tips on saving energy, reducing costs, and staying warm please see the links below.

We want everyone to stay safe and well this winter and if you can, please try to check on older, vulnerable’ friend’s, family and neighbours make sure they are keeping safe and warm.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with keeping warm please c heck with your local council, as they are doing warm meets during the winter period, please see the link below for your local information.