Well, Valentines day is nearly upon us and I was sat thinking of the millions of cards, plastic and boxes which must be generated just for this day. Love it or Loathe it, I am sure we can all agree Valentines day is not the greenest of holidays. It has certainly made me think of how I can be more environmentally friendly on this day, below I have put down a few pointers for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s day. For you to consider. You never know it may save you some money too!

Try and avoid buying all the Valentines day, plastic wrapped cards especially the ones with glitter on. How about sending a E card instead?  Did you know campaigners are calling on the government to ban the sale of glitter because it contains micro plastics that can harm marine life

Have a good look at the chocolate you buy maybe look for Fair trade organic chocolate and check the packaging is recyclable. While having a look online I came across this company based in the UK

Do not buy gifts for the sake of it. How about looking for a gift experience, gift voucher for a local café or may be a plant instead of the bunch of flowers.

Try and shop local and independent.

I understand receiving and giving gifts is important to some people, however there are other ways to show someone you care. Here are a few suggestions…

How about a nice home cooked meal?

Running a bath for your partner to relax in.

Romantic walk

Or maybe a massage.

So, in conclusion we could all do our part to contribute positively to our plant. Why not start on the day of love. Let us show the planet how much we love her!