Your Environment Needs You! Start Getting Involved Today!

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Would you like to walk through the local park or around the streets you live and not see litter tucked away between the bushes and a long side the pathways? With little effort comes big rewards, knowing that every little helps in the communities we live and contribute. We can all help improve our environment today for a better tomorrow.

How You Can Help Your Local Area.

Joining a volunteering community is a great way to get involved! An excellent charity called Keep Britain Tidy has a brilliant cause designed to improve local areas and educate our future generations. The charity work with local authorities, waste companies and schools to help people reduce waste and increase recycling. It is achieved through community engagement campaigns and education in schools and on the website you will find events and campaigns for the whole family to get involved in.

Turning Waste Into Pocket Money.

Equip your child with a sturdy litter picker, a pair of gloves and a good strong bin liner. Its time to earn that pocket money! On a nice Sunday morning whilst most people are still in there slumber, you can be making the most of an early morning walk. Pick a route around a local park and pathways and concentrate your efforts on seeking out all the discarded cans and any other metals people have thrown down. Let your child recover these items into the black bin liner whilst the parent concentrates on a litter pick, segregating the waste streams at source. Once your morning walk is over and your bags are full it is time to reap the rewards. The litter bag can go to the local amenity site and the metal bag can go to the local scrap yard. Were the metal value is paid to the child as pocket money. Improving your local area, recycling materials and earning money!! What a great lesson and experience.

How Does AB Waste Improve Recycling In Mansfield?

AB Waste has a bespoke transfer station were the waste processing takes place recovering over 95% of materials that go into one of our skips. The processing involves a combination of hand sorting (just like litter picking), machinery handling and automated functions like big magnets! AB Waste Disposal are dedicated to recovering materials for recycling and diverting as much as possible from landfill. Visit our recycling page to discover more.