Changes in wood waste regulations

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What’s Changing?

From the 1st of September certain waste wood categories from the C&D (Construction and Demolition) industry which would previously be classed as non-hazardous and be sent to wood recyclers will now be classified as hazardous waste unless analysed to prove their non-hazardous composition.

What this means

The impact of these changes means that some types of waste wood that we have previously accepted and classed as non-hazardous waste will now not be accepted in our skips.

Certain wood dated Pre 2007 will be classed as hazardous and cannot be placed in the skip. This includes the following:

– Railway Sleepers
– Telegraph Poles
– Treated / Creosote Wood
– Roof Battens
– Exterior wood cladding
– Garden Shed & Fencing
– Barge Boards, Fascia’s and Soffits
– External Joinery, inc Joists
– Timber Frames
– External doors and windows
– Wood for Marine Use

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