Three Main Reasons to Use a Local Skip Hire Company

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The accumulation of waste is part of our everyday lives, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in a commercial or private setting, we all produce waste daily.

Whatever the waste is, whether it’s solid rubbish, organic waste or just clutter, one of the main questions you need to ask is

“How do I get rid of it in a cost-effective way that has minimal impact on the environment?”

There are many methods that you can choose to dispose of waste, some better than others depending on what you wish to dispose of.

You could take your rubbish to a local council tip, upcycling/donating, composting (if it’s organic and suitable) or using a skip. The first three options are only viable if you have a smaller amount of waste to dispose of. These take time and can become labour intensive.  

Hiring a skip is for many the way to go. It’s not only the simplest method but the most convenient. A skip can be delivered when you need it and hiring one is flexible enough to work around your schedule.

The next question you should ask yourself is

“How do I find a skip hire company and what are the benefits to using one?”

In this short guide, we’ll talk you through three main benefits of finding a skip hire company and why hiring them to dispose of your rubbish could be perfect for you.

Skip sizes and their uses

Before we get into the benefits, it’s worth understanding that most skip hire companies will offer varying sizes of skips, suitable for different sizes of tasks.

If you’re preparing to clear a house for instance, then a suitable option could be to hire a builder’s skip. If you’re undergoing major renovation works, then a larger skip would probably be much better.

If you’re unsure of what size skip to hire, then give us a quick call on 0162 627 447 and we’ll happily offer free help and advice so you can choose the right skip for your needs.

3 Benefits of using a Skips Hire company

Environmentally friendly skip hire

It goes without saying, but the company you choose should dispose of waste in the greenest possible way.

It’s never been as important, with the onset of climate change, unstable weather patterns and a ‘throw away economy’, people are rightly asking where and how their waste is being gotten rid of.

The latest figures show that in 2016, over 222 million tonnes of waste was created in the UK. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, year on year household recycling rates have been constantly increasing with a target of 50% to be recycled by the end of 2020.

So, choosing the right skip hire company should be more than just based on price.

Here, we use our two waste sorting facilities in Mansfield. The waste that goes into our skips is carefully picked over by trained staff. What can be recycled is, with 98% of all waste being diverted from landfill.

We’re about as green as you can get!

Using a skip can save you time & money

Whatever method you chose to dispose of your waste there are going to be costs involved, the more waste, the more it will cost and the longer it will take.

If you need to get rid of a lot of rubbish then chances are, if you’re considering ‘doing it yourself’ and taking it to the tip then there are some cost and time constraints that you need to consider.

For a larger amount of waste, you’ll possibly need to hire a van to transport it. Some council tips also require you to apply for a permit if using a hired commercial vehicle.

You will need to document what waste you have and get an approval prior to taking the rubbish.

You will need to show this when going to the tip or you could be refused entry.

If you’re transporting it in your own car, expect it to take multiple trips. Now this may not pose that much of an issue, but for many that work 9-5, this will normally be done at the weekend.

Weekends are exceptionally busy for many council tips.

Expect to wait a fair while to get a slot. Again, the more trips you need to make and long delays can make a simple task turn into a nightmare.

This is where choosing a local skip hire company comes into its own. No extra charges and no delays.

Your skip will be placed in the desired location, letting you focus on the task without any delays. Once complete we will collect the skip.

Skips are incredibly easy to hire

When hiring a skip, it should be an incredibly easy task and here at AB Waste, it’s a doddle.

Give us a call or email us, choose the type of skip, confirm your day of delivery and day we need to collect it.

We can take care of any permits needed for the skip to be placed on the road or public highway.

If it’s to be placed on private land, then none are required.

We also handle all public safety aspects such as lights, cones and reflective strips to keep the general public safe.

Hiring a skip with AB Waste is as easy as 1, 2, 3

What Makes AB Waste a great local skip hire company?

Skip hire, regardless of what you need it for makes sense from both a financial and time standpoint, however not all waste disposal companies are created equally.

Ensure that you are satisfied that the company you choose, that they have the experience and the skills required to give you a stress-free hire.

We have been operating in and around Mansfield for over 25 years and have built up a reputation second to none.

Our goal is not only to hire you a skip, our focus has always been on ‘putting the customer first’, operate in a safe and courteous manner,  be reliable and offer a cost-effective solution to waste removal.