How AB Waste Can Help First Time Home Buyers In Mansfield And Surrounding Areas.

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Buying Your First Home Is Exciting But Can Come With Lots Of Unwanted Baggage.

Here at AB Waste our young vibrant staff have all had the lovely experience of purchasing their own home for the first time. Here’s how we can help you….

Recently, we had a team meeting to discuss this years plans and we got on to the topic of all the recent new builds and building sites popping up. We have all noticed the resurgence of new homes in the area and the schemes available to help people get on the property ladder. Which lead our discussion down the path of our own experiences of buying our first homes and members of the team made some great comments, that even though it was one of the most exciting times of our lives it was also a time to reflect on our past, present and what the future may hold. One of our members made a great point that when you first buy a home, parents tend to haul their loft content through your front door. Unwanted baggage!! this link provides more details of future plans in the district. And help to save!

First Home Problems And Solutions

As we sat around drinking our afternoon coffee in our lovely Mansfield office, we divulged some great ideas, problem solving those first time buyers problems. Some were simple yet great, some were outrageous and other suggestions just gave us a headache! The Ab Waste Director ended the debate with a simple question: How can AB Waste help first time buyers in Mansfield, Ashfield and the surrounding areas? Let the brainstorming exercise commence.

Saving Money For Those Household Essentials And Bills

If there is one thing people to not want to spend their hard earned cash on after buying their first home, it is a SKIP!!! However, we understand and feel your pain. We can remember having to buy furniture, carpets and decorate out first new pad. But with all the new decor comes the cardboard boxes, wrapping, packaging, offcuts, paint tins and wall paper just to name a few! So, we believe here at AB Waste we can help just a little. If you are in need of a skip and mention this blog we will give any first time buyers in our reach a 10% discount. Saving you some money to enjoy a little tipple at the end of the week. Give us a call on 01623 627447, for further information on skip sizes that suits your volume of waste.

What First Time Buyers Need To Know About Household Waste

A Simple List Of Acceptable Waste Items

Now you have settled into your new home in Mansfield and you are well into your decorating career and have ordered your discounted skip, lets have a look at what you can put in one. Firstly and simply, the majority of household waste that is non hazardous to the environment or humans is acceptable. Let us know if you any items that may seem dubious and we are here to help. Items such as mattresses, packaging, wood, soil, brick, glass, toys are all hunky dory! Paint, lithium batteries, asbestos and dangerous substances are a big no no!! gives you advise on your wheelie bins!

Protecting Your Property From Damage

You have just bought your first home, we are proud as punch and are protective of the greatest purchase of your lives so far! Well, now’s the time to use common sense and be pro active in protecting your property from them busy delivery drivers dropping of all your new furniture. Even though our lovely AB Waste drivers are the most courteous drivers in Mansfield, we would advise you to protect your drive with some old carpet or card so the drives don’t get scuffed!

AB Waste Are Here To Help You!

So, to all you first time buyers in Mansfield and Ashfield and even as far as Arnold or Worksop give us a call at AB Waste and mention this blog and get your 10% discount. ring 01623 627447 or contact us on our website. Congratulations on your new homes and may your future be as chirpy as a Red Robin with a morning worm.