Halloween – What to do with leftover pumpkins

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We hope you all had a great Halloween and had lots of fun.

Just before you throw your pumpkins out here’s some facts for you to consider.

Did you know according to 2020 data, over 12.8 million pumpkins are thrown away every year. It turns out only 3 out of 5 people know the insides of a pumpkin is edible!

After carving the pumpkin and using it for decorations, the fruit inside is normal discarded, maybe for future Halloweens have a think and you could do some cooking or baking with the children. The fruit can be used for many dishes. Including pies and waffles.

Once Halloween is over consider feeding the local wildlife with the leftovers. You could carve the pumpkins up into small chunks and feed the squirrels and rabbits, they make a perfect snack. You could also donate to local zoo’s or farm park’s if you have any locally. Local to Mansfield we have www.whitepostfarm.co.uk who would be happy to take donations.