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We all love Christmas, don’t we? But there’s one thing we don’t love; cleaning up the large amount of waste that the holiday season generates. 

We all love Christmas, don’t we? But there’s one thing we don’t love; cleaning up the large amount of waste that the holiday season generates. 

However, disposing of it is extremely important. So, if you live in Mansfield, and surrounding areas and have seasonal rubbish still languishing, take advantage of the best, reliable and friendly AB Waste, to avoid causing a negative impact on the local environment.

The negative impact from Christmas Waste

The amount of wrapping paper, Christmas cards and indeed trees are bought in their millions globally, and the UK is no different. And let’s not forget the large presents that nobody wants too… If you’re in our area why not take advantage and let us cart it off and dispose of it properly for you. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why using AB Waste Disposal to deal with your leftover holiday waste.

All these traditional Christmas features all have one thing in common, the harvesting of trees. It takes roughly 300,000 of them to supply the USA with Christmas cards each year for example. Estimates from 2019 suggest that as many as 8 million trees were brought in people’s homes for a couple of weeks, which isn’t exactly beneficial for the environment either. In fact, it isn’t beneficial at all!

Chopping trees down to turn them into cards, wrapping paper and decorations has a negative impact on eco-systems across the world. Its no secret that cutting down groves of trees means less oxygen produced in these areas. And as greenery loves to suck up C02, you can see why chopping them down is bad for the environment.

You might think that a plastic, artificial tree might be a good alternative, as they can be reused, but remember these are made from various plastics that cause a lot of environmental damage to be produced (plastic being made utilising petrol and other products). Before choosing real or fake have a look at the facts to help you decide here’s one link I found interesting

Let’s not forget the amount of glass that needs to be recycled too! Everyone likes a drink at Christmas, but this leaves tons of glass that requires collection or disposal. It’s no good celebrating a lovely Christmas to find your street covered in glass and debris. Kind of defeats the message of the Holiday!

What’s the solution? 

The same as getting rid of many other waste streams in the modern world; RECYCLE! For example, if you were to chuck your artificial plastic tree down the dump, it’ll sit there and barely decompose. While doing so, it will release as much as 40kg of greenhouse has emissions into the air. A natural tree will release 16kg, but you could stop this altogether by recycling it!!!

Trees that are recycled can be composted or turned into wood chips which have a wide range of applications for both the commercial and agricultural sectors. They can even be used as chew toys for lions as most zoos around the UK are doing! Recycling glass, cards and wrapping paper has similar results too! All while cutting down on harmful greenhouse gasses.

Go green WIH AB Waste!

If you hire one of our skips, as part of our reliable and affordable service skip hire in and around Mansfield and surrounding areas to get rid of any of your left-over bulky Christmas waste, you’ll be doing your bit for a greener Britain!

Don’t let your real tree wither away and scatter everywhere. Give us a call arrange a skip and get your rubbish taken care of properly.

We’ve got over 25 yeas’ experience in the collection of different types of waste, through our network of trusted drivers and office staff, we can deliver and collect your skip at a time to suit you.

To acquire a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 01623 627447, or even better, get online and talk to us, its quick and easy!

From all of us here at AB Waste Disposal Ltd, We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and A happy and prosperous new year!